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blog it reflects my feelings. i love music,avatar,glee,harry potter,and acting! music is my passion. i love music more than anything. music is my life! i hope to spend the rest of my life making music! i would love to get to know you. so talk to me :D oh i also all ways follow back

So I am writing an essay for enc1102 and my topic is on how people who are atheist can still be morally good people. My 1st paragraph is due tomorrow and I need some feed back on it. So if you have any shoot me a message! :D

Morality without God
One of the most hated groups of people in america today. “Terrible people” who are frowned upon and bashed by almost everyone. Wicked,dreadful, and evil are words commonly used to describe these horrible creatures. They roam the streets looking just like every day people. Blending and spreading their evil everywhere they go. Who are these despicable,ungodly shameful people? Murders? Rapist? Terrorist? No even Worse! Atheist.

Anonymous asked: theres no advantage in being a smug prick on tumblr either



Pop 101 is sooooooo good!!!

High as fuck right now.

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